Thompson: Exploring the Undermined Destination

When I visited Northern Manitoba this July, I decided to drop in at Thompson and I have to say that it is truly remarkable. It was a wonderful tour. I am really thankful that I planned for this. The people here are generous and kind. It is truly shameful that it is neglected as a tourist destination. There are so many places to explore. If you plan to visit Thompson anytime soon, here are few places that you can check out.

Heritage North Museum

In order to learn about the place that you are visiting, you should start with its history. For this reason, this museum is the best place to be. The museum talks about the natural history of Thompson and the Cree culture. The fascinating exhibits are something to marvel at. They have been displayed pretty thoughtfully. You will interpreters available and you can take their help to learn better. Do not forget to visit the gift shop as there amazing artworks on display. Like me, you can get some souvenirs from here.

Spirit Way

This is one of the best ways to experience the city while you are on foot. The trail will take from North Heritage Museum to Miles Hart Bridge. This place is for biking, as well as walking. I preferred the first option. Every point in the trail offers a breathtaking view. Enjoy the fresh air and capture some beautiful photographs to take back home.

Pisew Falls

When you see this falls for the first time, you will feel like you are in the Rockies. The roaring waterfall is an expected attraction that I came across in Thompson. The lush green trees and the rushing water is a sight to behold. There are numerous trails that will take you to the waterfall.

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