Suzhou – A Garden City of China

Love gardens? Then I would recommend that you head for this city that is famous for its garden landscapes. I and my friends had no problem reaching it from Nanjing by rail. The city is known for beautiful gardens and canals that are well maintained and showcase rich Chinese culture. This city is also known to lack modernism and is a city free of skyscrapers.

If you love looking at the traditional Chinese buildings, with whitewashed walls and sloping, tiled roofs this is a city to visit.  My old friend from school, Andrey mentioned if I was visiting China, that I should visit this city and boy I am glad I did.  It is beautiful and rich with history and the arts.  This city is also called “heaven on earth” due to the landscaped gardens and several sites of historical significance that were worth exploring when we stayed here for two days.

Visit the Classical Gardens

This is a tour that we took as do most tourists who come here; it would take you by the numerous gardens here as well as help you tour the different winding canals. Excursions with commentary by an experienced guide showcased the rich history behind each of the different garden landscapes, many of which have temples housed in their midst.

Stop by the Suzhou Silk Museum

Any city tour you take will take you here. I found this particular museum interesting for the different silk specimens it houses as well as the different worms that weave the fabric. There are other elegant relics here that surround the history of silk in the country.

Enjoy by the Lake Tai

This famous lake is also accessible from this city; we stopped by here to take a boat ride in the lake and enjoy different recreational activities by the lakeside.

The city is also known for its meandering canals and waterways that you can enjoy with boat rides. There are well-preserved houses by the canals that are worth checking out. We also took a waterways tour of the city which goes through Zhouzhuang water village which houses the Humble Administrator’s Garden.

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