Giza – The Fighter City

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The city used to be the one which worked itself, no people used to drive this place, however now you can see all that urban bustle all around the city. Giza is always crowded, very crowded. The pyramids are the icon through which this city is known. These pyramids used to be the tallest architectures around the world and then skyscrapers came, but still, the kind of importance they hold is uncanny. Giza holds its history and culture very close, which is why you will be able to spot many caves and chambers and palace or monuments ruins. If you are a fanatic for history, you will never want to leave this place. Here are some of my recommendations.


Obviously, it is going to be so not fair if you come to the Giza and not visit the iconic pyramids. The tours are here always officially pursued since the weather around here is too hot and one visitor who is not even from the country is allowed to roam around independently as it might result in some catastrophic results. So the ones who you sign up with take you the starting point of the sands and from there you are taken on camels to reach the pyramids and then they provide you with the very detailed tour, which takes almost up to six hours and they carry all the necessary arrangements and refreshments for you.

Boat Museum

The museum stands on the same ground as the pyramids but is located on the outskirts of it. It showcases the miniatures of boats that were used in the ancient fights whenever water bodies were needed to be crossed. Apart from the miniatures the museum also displays the tools and several parts of boats those were discovered after they were destroyed. You must once head here, it gets to tell you so much information which is very intriguing.

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