Archive | May, 2019

Thompson: Exploring the Undermined Destination

When I visited Northern Manitoba this July, I decided to drop in at Thompson and I have to say that it is truly remarkable. It was a wonderful tour. I am really thankful that I planned for this. The people here are generous and kind. It is truly shameful that it is neglected as a […]

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Terrace: Experience the Best of Nature

Terrace is one of the best-kept secrets of British Columbia. If you have to explore the best of nature, there is no place that is better than this. It is situated on the banks of Skeena River. The snow-capped mountainous range is just a treat for the eye. There are many things that you need […]

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Suzhou – A Garden City of China

Love gardens? Then I would recommend that you head for this city that is famous for its garden landscapes. I and my friends had no problem reaching it from Nanjing by rail. The city is known for beautiful gardens and canals that are well maintained and showcase rich Chinese culture. This city is also known […]

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