Mississauga: Discovering The Hidden Beauty

Mississauga is a center for art, sports, culture, and entertainment. My trip to Canada would have been incomplete if I didn’t visit this city. With time, the bustling city is turning out to be a primary tourist attraction.  It has so much to offer that you are never going to feel bored. Let’s let a look at the best things to do in Mississauga.

  • Visit Port Credit

Port Credit is also called the Village on the Lake. The beautiful and serene village on Lake Ontario should not be missed out when you are in Mississauga. There are miles of trails that you can explore. Several activities and events take place during the summer.

  • Explore the Mansion

Located in Port Credit is the Adamson Estate. This is a farmland and a private home that is open for public visiting. I loved the ancient barn onsite. The best thing about this farmland is the eastern pine trees. This makes the property look aesthetic. The trees have been here since the establishment of the estate.

  • Take a long walk

Stretching for about 740 kilometers, the Waterfront Trail also passes through Mississauga. This sits along the Port Credit’s lakefront. Walk, skateboard, or cycle on the trail. If you are feeling somewhat adventurous, you can head west towards Oakville or east towards Toronto using the trail.

  • Have some fun at the Arcade

Want to have some fun and entertainment? Visit the Playdium which features an arcade and various other attractions. It covers an area of 12,000 meters indoors. I loved the simulated rides, arcade, and the laser maze. Since I spend my entire day here, I had my lunch in the restaurants inside the arcade. Get a 2 hour or 4-hour playing card to make the most out of the arcade visit.

Top Reasons Why You Should Travel To Munich

Are you planning for a journey to Munich? You will love its exciting attractions. Munich is one of the leading tourist destinations in Germany. The weather condition of this city will not hinder you from enjoying the outdoor activities found in this city. Most inhabitants of this city are fluent in English. You will, therefore, not have a language barrier in Munich like found in many other Germany cities. Below are four Munich attractions which will interest you.

The Eisbach River and Englischer Garden

The great Eisbach River provides an avenue for the surfer lovers to surf in the precinct of a city. This man-made river passes through the Englischer Garden, a gorgeous recreational area located in Munich. It was created as a sidearm to accommodate large water currents of Isar River. If you love surfing, there is a man-made wave on one side of this river. You will find a lot of surfers here every day. The Englischer Garden has beautiful sites for sporting and other exercise-related activities. If you love quiet places, this is the best place to be because it is away from the hustles of the city.

The Frauenkirche Church

Another fantastic attraction that might interest you is the 15th-century old church of Frauenkirche. This sanctuary fascinates everyone due to its mysterious footstep popularly referred to as the Devil’s Footstep. The footstep is hilariously believed to have been caused by the devil. You might not be superstitious, but you will be amazed at the number of people who think the Devil set his foot here. What is more interesting is that during World War II the print was never erased despite the destruction caused on the church.

The Allianz Arena

You can also visit the famous Allianz arena especially if there is an activity going on. This 75000-seater stadium is famous because it is the only stadium in the world whose exterior can change color completely. You, therefore, can not tell the color of the arena.  This arena has hosted many international fixtures, and you might have seen many matches on television which were played here.

The Deutsches Museum

If you are travelling to Munich with kids, you will find the Deutsches Museum very resourceful. There are vast activities that can keep your lovely ones occupied as you visit the main museum. Deutsches Museum is famous because it is the largest museum for technology. It boasts of 28000 exhibitions from all of the 50 branches of science.  This museum will challenge your knowledge of science and technology. The displays are well planned so that you can easily find the exhibition that interests you. This museum can accommodate up to two thousand people.


Munich, the Bavarian capital, is famous worldwide due to its fascinating attractions.  From culture, sports, religion and science, you can always find something captivating in this Germany city. It is continuing to be among the most visited cities in Germany. Your Munich visit will forever remain in your memory.